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Coming full circle

Posted Oct 16 2011 11:51am

Usually you want your life to come around 180 degrees so you don’t end up exactly where you are when you come around full circle since that means you’re right back where you were to begin with.
If you do 180 degrees, usually it’s from bad to better and you go on from there…hopefully improving…making progress…moving forward

coming around full circle

But, what happens when you do a complete 360 and end where you started…just oh let’s say 26 years later!

I was talking to my dear friend Joann, of a few days ago and we were talking about how I’ve done things, then quit, then ironically come back to them a few years later.
At one point I even owned a domain name, let it go after a year or so, then few years after, managed to purchase the same one only to let it go again after another year.
Joann’s seen me go through 150+ domain names trying to figure out what I want to do!

Some background history to see the effect of the circle.

I moved to FL October of 1985 ( Halloween day to be exact)
I’ve yet to discover what I’m going to be when I grow up.
Hmmmm, you’d think I might do that sometime soon, as I’m approaching 44.

26 years ago, I was working on roofs (great way to get a workout, tan and get paid)…recently worked with Paul Bange Roofing doing social media, odds/ends.
20 years ago, worked in a gym…now I’m in process of getting back into lifting.
A few years ago started weight management coaching, then got side tracked with other work and am now taking additional courses so I can really help more clients lose weight by making lifestyle changes and keeping it off.

I’m re-committing myself and moving forward….
This time with the intent on progressing and not going in a full circle (again) but going only forward…not in circles!

Question of the day
Have you gone full circle only to end up where you started off?
Or, have you made forward progress?
Do you have goals?

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