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Celery and Heartburn

Posted Oct 27 2009 4:28pm

Firstly it is 1:37 in the morning and I am up with a headache. I ran out of Tylenol PM yesterday and forgot to pick up some more. My friend J told me about a natural sleep aid but I keep forgetting to ask her about it again, not chamomile, Im allergic.

Secondly for this to make since you have to know that I am a bit OCD. Especially when it comes to food. I will have the same thing for breakfast for months, for the last year that has been an organic banana. I will have the same thing for lunch, for the last month that has been a chicken salad sandwich. Sometimes I will switch it up for dinner, but if nothing sounds good Ill just have another chicken salad sandwich. I will eat the same thing until one of two things happens, either A) It makes me sick, because I have a virus or I accidentally eat something expired or B) I wake up one day with a new craving. And whatever I eat next will become my new thing until......well you get it.

So anyways the other night I had heartburn really bad while I was trying to sleep. I was thinking, WTH? I have had the same thing for days with no heartburn. So I was going back through my day to see if I had anything different. And I did. For dinner I had a chicken salad sandwich, which is usually chicken, organic mayo, and organic celery. But I decided I didnt want to take the extra effort that night to add the celery. So that must be it. It must be the missing celery because everything else was the same.

So I went out to the fridge grabbed a stalk off the celery and took two large bites. Now let me tell you, in my opinion celery is horrible by itself, yuk! But I got through it and drank a small amount of water to wash it done. And do you know that my heartburn was instantly gone and I didnt have any trouble the rest of the night?! Honestly!

So I am going to try celery from now on instead of chocking down some Tums and I recommend it to you too. Did you know that it takes more calories to eat celery than celery contains? That is because celery is mostly water.

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