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Catlin Arctic Survey Helps Pinpoint Beginning of Permanently Ice Free Arctic

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:00pm

I’ve been warning for more than 2 years about the dangers of polar ice cap melting. It is an ominous threat and a growing crisis which worsens every time another pound of greenhouse gas emissions is dumped capriciously into our atmosphere. However, other than the fact that most anyone can understand that an ice free Arctic is a bad thing for polar bears, walruses, whales and so on, what can the average person really say about this catastrophe-in-the-making?

When, specifically, will we have an ice free Arctic? Will it be completely free of ice during each of the 12 months of the year? Which Arctic zone will lose all of its ice first? The questions are daunting, which is why no one has given us definitive answers, yet, that is.

Meet noted explorer and Arctic advocate Pen Hadow. He has many great achievements to his name, including the first solo journey without resupply from Canada to the Geographic North Pole. Simply put, Mr. Hadow has more experience on the Arctic sea ice than most and he is gravely concerned with the terrifying changes to the Arctic over the last two decades, including, most especially, shifts in the thickness, location AND COLOR of the ice.

As a true advocate for the changes which we all must make in order to save ourselves from an ice free Arctic, Mr. Hadow has lent his name and vast expertise to the Catlin Arctic Survey, which describes itself as a pioneering scientific expedition to help determine the lifespan of the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover. Through this good work, soon we all will know precisely when humanity will lose its ability to witness the Aurora Borealis from the permanent ice pack of the Arctic.

I commend the intrepid efforts of Pen Hadow and his valiant allies at the Catlin Arctic Survey and invite you to visit the website of the initiative. There, you will find abundant and disturbing details of how these dedicated environmentalists can quantify for all of us just how much devastation we have meted out on the tender Arctic through our reckless consumption of fossil fuels.

The homepage of the Catlin Arctic Survey can be found at

credit: Catlin Arctic Survey

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Corbett Kroehler

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