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"Carbon Trading is Super Sexy"

Posted Aug 24 2008 7:14pm
"Carbon trading is super sexy," a young, D.C.-based carbon trader told NPR in a story that aired this morning. The story, according to NPR, is about the "whiz kids" who are "pioneering" the new carbon industry.

NPR didn't interview the great team at for the story (see all our bios and pictures here) , so I'll let you in on a secret: while many of us are whizzes, only a few of us are sexy. In any case, NPR did a great job (as usual) with the story, and we highly recommend you giving it a read.

Here's a response from one of the young people interviewed, responding to a question about whether carbon trading is really the "right" solution. It's a great answer, one that we couldn't have said better:
If you really think that the way we live is fundamentally immoral, then just shut everything off, just shut down all your utilities. If you really think this is a moral issue, then you have a responsibility to stop living the way you are. In reality that's not a possibility. We need a mechanism to transition to a carbon neutral economy, and there are a couple different ways you can do it. Market based solutions and carbon trading are one of them. It's absolutely not perfect, but I think it's moving in the right direction.
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