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Car accidents & responsibility

Posted Jan 28 2009 3:56pm

Whatever happened to responsibility, accountability, honesty and common sense?


What would you do if you hit someone’s parked car in a parking lot?
Would you check to see if you damaged it?
Would you go inside the store to locate the owner?
Would you look the other way and continue in the store without even checking the other person’s car?
Would you hope nobody saw you hit the car?

Today as I was walking through the parking lot to go to Lowe’s (gotta love that place!), I saw two old ladies in a car back over a curb, barely missing a palm tree in the landscaping area and then plow into the rear end of a jeep in the parked spots behind them. The old lady then proceeds to pull forward into the parking spot she just barreled out of and gets out of her car with her friend and walk through the parking lot heading for the entrance to Lowe’s.

Now, I’m watching this whole thing play out thinking of how many times old drivers (especially in FL) mistake the gas for the break, go running through store fronts, run over people in the parking lot and at that point was grateful I was already out of range of where they were driving. I stood there, waiting to see if they were going to check the Jeep they hit or what they were going to do. Lo and behold, they didn’t check, they didn’t do anything…just strolled towards Lowe’s without a care in the world.

Now, me being me…I confront them on the sidewalk. The old lady starts yelling at me to mind my own business, blah blah blah. Ok fine, going nowhere talking to them.
I walk over, get the tag# from her old buick and go into Lowe’s to have the customer service desk call the owner of the Jeep to the front so I can tell her what’s going on.
Owner of jeep comes running up anxiously and is all worried…I mean really, it can’t be a “good thing” when Lowe’s loudspeaker says “Will the owner of the green jeep parked in the front handicap spot please come to customer service”. Meanwhile I see the 2 old ladies who hit the jeep checking out the paint section right in front of customer service.
I tell owner of jeep that the ladies backed into her jeep and got their tag# so she may want to go take a look see at her car and/or confront the I point them out to her.
So, owner of jeep and I go to paint section and she asks the one old lady if she hit her jeep and it went something like this:
jeep owner: did you hit my car?
old lady: yes
jeep owner: and you weren’t going to say anything
old lady: I checked your car
me: ummm no sorry you didn’t…you hit it, you got out, you argued with me to mind my own business then you came in here.
jeep owner: why didn’t you tell someone you hit my car
old lady: there’s nothing wrong with your car….
then she looks at me and says “why are you still here”
me: cuz’ i’m doing what you should’ve done! you don’t hit someone’s car and act like nothing happened and go about shopping hoping that nobody will find out what you did!
old lady: mind your own business (she’s shaking her finger in my face at this point)
me: if i minded my own business, you’d have hit her car and she’d never known what happened so yea..i’m not going anywhere. You can’t just leave the scene of an accident
old lady: it’s not an accident (and she was really smug about it and getting all upset…like how dare I accuse her of such a thing)
jeep owner: you hit my car!
old lady: leave me alone, go check your car, I’ll be in here

So, jeep owner goes out to check and damage to back bumper, rear quarter. Calls cops.
I go shopping while waiting for cops, come out and the old ladies LEFT. But I had all their car information, so turned that over and now the old lady really did leave the scene of the crime this time! IDIOT!

So, my question…at what age do people just think they can do whatever they darned well feel like?
at what age do they think it’s ok to hit a car and not report it?
at what age do they think they shouldn’t be confronted on what they did wrong?
Which then also leads to next question: had you seen all this play out…would you have gotten involved or just walked away?

Usually it’s young drivers who are getting the bad rap about their driving and being responsible, and not using common sense when driving, etc. yet here were two old ladies who were just oblivious to the fact that they should be accountable for their actions. Scary part is, either they just didn’t care or they just didn’t think they did anything wrong…either way, they shouldn’t be driving. There are stories all the time about old people and their lack of driving ability, again especially in FL.. I mean c’mon the “worlds worst intersection” is few miles from this and the reason it’s the worst is because right west of it is the senior community! Where a large portion shouldn’t still have licenses. Now, I’m not saying all old people can’t drive, some can. But if you’re not going to do the right thing and be responsible (no matter your age) you shouldn’t be driving!

Be responsible, be accountable for that 2400 lbs of metal you attempt to maneuver and use common sense! If you do something wrong…make it right! Don’t get all nasty with people and don’t bail before the cops show up because all you’re doing is creating more havoc for yourself. Of course, perhaps since old lady left scene of accident that had damages she may lose her license with any luck and that’ll be one less irresponsible driver on the road…who knows, maybe next time she’d put her buick through a store front, so perhaps that was diverted because of her being dumb enough to leave scene especially when she knew there was witness (me) who got her tag# and cops can easily track her down.

Like I said, whatever happened to responsibility, accountability, honesty and common sense?

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