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Buy Local Handmade Soaps and Make a Green and Clean Difference

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:46pm

Farmers Market BlackNTan Soap       

Why buy local?

Simple – it’s green. Studies on buying local show that locally-owned businesses generate a premium in economic impact to the community and our tax base. Locally owned business contributes less to urban sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution. generally speaking, local businesses tend to set up shop in town, farmers markets, or city centers as opposed to developing on the outer “mall” areas.

BlackNTan Handmade Soap

Most importantly, local businesses are owned by people who live in or near the community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the future of the community. In other words – they are promoting positive economic impact both because they want to practice honesty in business and because they are directly connected to the community economic growth.

One of my favorite local businesses is a soap maker who comes to my weekly community farmer’s market. Her name is Kassandra Hesek and she runs Black N’Tan Soaps. While she does not have significant online ordering capability yet, she does have a website – Her main way of selling her product is hands-on - by directly touching the community through farmers markets.

Kassandra’s handmade soaps are delightful. Above you’ll see several “flavors” of soaps she sells including Lavender, The Gritty Gardener, and Bugger Off. After trying her Bugger Off soaps and oils, I can say in the last week I have not had a single mosquito bother me. The Gritty Gardener sit on my kitchen sink and I use it every time I come in from gardening. All the soaps are heaven, plus I am reassured that her ingredients are natural, green, and good for my family.

Look into your local businesses like Black N’Tan Soaps and help make a green difference for the world and a financial difference for your community. Buy local today!

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