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Burning Salt Water For Fuel | Is It Possible?

Posted Oct 02 2008 4:21pm

Before you go to work today remember to fill the fuel tank with water and add a bit of salt. Check the charge on the battery and you’re ready to go.
Stop at the flower shop on the corner, you know, where the gas station used to be, and pick up a bouquet for the office.
Sound too good to be true…well, it could be just around the corner.
A new technology that burns salt water as fuel discovered by John Kanzius could revolutionize the transportation and electrical generating industry. Burning oil, gas and coal could become the technology of the past.
John Kanzius discovered that if he took the radio frequency transmitter being used as a non invasive treatment for cancer and focused it at a test tube of salt water… the salt water would burst into flame and burn with a fire so hot it melted the test tube. Of course, he was trying to desalinate sea water, not burn it up and melt the tube, but that is serendipity, mother of all great discoveries…
No, this is not a joke…it is true…tried and tested by independent researchers all over the world…it is true.
Salt water… bursts into flame…3000 degree flame…. melts test tube…
Go ahead, read it again and let it sink in…It took me several times to get my brain wrapped around the idea.
How,you say,how is this possible?
Like all great discoveries it seems so simple once you know the answer…Why didn’t I think of that?…as you smack yourself on the forehead with the palm of your hand.
Ok.. this is how it works…ahhh…why it works… whatever…
On a molecular level salt water is formed of atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and chlorine. The radio waves of a certain frequency disrupt the bonds between those molecules liberating the hydrogen as free gas which burns hotly in the presence of the oxygen…over 3000 degrees…that is a lot of heat…
Oh yes, ahem…no carbon footprint…
Isn’t that clever?
US Department of Energy and Department of Defense officials were scheduled to meet with scientists on September 10, 2007 to discuss the discovery and the possibility of research funding.
Rustum Roy, Ph.D., a founding member of Penn State University’s Materials Research Institute, and expert in water structure leads the team.
Is it possible we can replace oil with salt water?
This may have been something that you never knew about and never expected but it may be here soon.
Go figure…
This article was written by a writer for Xomba. Read more of her work Here.

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