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Books That Help You Learn About Green and Eco-Conscious Living (and Save Money)

Posted Oct 06 2010 2:37pm

"Green" is the word we see in all the advertisements and media right now. Over-used and confusing - this word puts most people in a frozen state of undecided-ness. What do I do? What product do I use? What IS green anyway?

Happily, Ellen Sandbeck, self-professed worm-wrangler, has rescued us from the confusion. She knows "green" inside and out and has written a great variety of books to help the everyday person put the "green" in everyday living.

For healthy and green housecleaning which uses less chemicals and less energy - saving you lots of money - please read Sandbeck's stupendous Green Housekeeping (2008). It will become your new Bible for housecleaning of any sort. Sandbeck's common sense advice is delivered with ease as she advises on everything household related from how to get chewing gum out of the carpet to trapping household pests to disposing of hazardous household materials. Her money saving green solutions usually point to low-tech being best - which is simply genius in this down economy.

In Green Barbarians; Live Bravely On Your Home Planet (2010), Sandbeck takes the reader to the next level of greenness and sustainability when taking care of our households. Over and over throughout the book the message is quite clear; that sometimes living simply a.k.a. "being a barbarian" is best. With great detail, Sandbeck teaches the reader amazing and interesting facts about every day objects which will shock you into awareness. She says on page 163, "Laboratory tests showed that the 'new shower curtain smell' [from a vinyl shower curtain] contains up to 108 different volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including high concentrations of toluene, cyclohexanone, methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK), phenol, and ethylbenzene." I never knew that - did you? How about I just forego the vinyl shower curtain and use my old cloth one? Seems like common sense and her advice just saved me a few bucks. See how this book can save you money?

Without a doubt, the most readably amusing book of the three is Eat More Dirt; Diverting and Instructive Tips for Growing and Tending an Organic Garden (2003). This is a fantastic instructional guide on building and maintaining an organic (which means no-chemical) garden with green, money-saving ideas leading the way. This book shows that Sandbeck is immensely funny and creative. She gives every type of home-remedy for garden maintenance, advises how to dance with tools, and generally shows how to transform all garden irritants into garden pearls. What an entertaining book - it is very difficult to make bug control entertaining believe you me - and Sandbeck did it with ease. I loved it!

Save money, get green, live life healthier - - all perfect for my family. These books should be on your night stand for some great evening reading. You can see they already spent time on mine in the photo above.

*NOTE* - - - I was given these books by the publisher in exchange for reviewing them. I have given a wholly honest review that has nothing to do with the fact that the books were given to me. I truly enjoyed these books and honestly use them as home reference guides and will not be giving them away to anyone - because they are wonderful and I want to keep them all to myself.

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