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Bob Greene Should NOT Recommend Bottled Water

Posted Aug 18 2009 11:29pm

Bob Greene is Oprah’s personal trainer. He has been on her show many times and has many common sense ideas on living a healthy lifestyle. Bob Greene and the Best Life diet are sponsored by Pure Life bottled water from the Nestle corporation. I would like to convince Bob Greene and his people that this is a mistake. He has a website that advices people on healthy eating and losing weight. It’s is a great website with lots of good information, EXCEPT for the bottled water.

I feel that this endorsement of bottled water by a trusted celebrity further erodes the public’s trust in tap water. Please write Bob Greene and the Best Life a letter describing how you feel about bottled water. I have included my letter here. Write your version and send it to the website, the blog, or by snail mail to the corporation.

US Mail The Best Life Corp | 1303 Corona Avenue | The Villages | FL | 32159

My letter:

Dear Bob Greene,
The Best Life diet plan is a great, common sense way to lose weight. It’s not so much a diet as a better way to eat. Americans can really use your knowledge to get healthier.

I noticed that one of the major sponsors for the Best Life is Nestle’s Pure Life water. I would like to convince you that being healthier does not include drinking bottled water. Water bottled in disposable bottles has many problems, for the consumer’s health, for the environment, and for the consumer’s attitude toward public water supplies.

Bottled water is not held to the same standards as municipal water. In tests done by the Environmental Working Group (, every tested brand of bottled water had contaminates that are not allowed in tap water. The industry tries to present its water as pure and healthy but most evidence shows it is no better than tap water. Additionally, most brands in the water industry refuse to publish the results of water testing done on their product, unlike the requirements for public water sources.

Prices of bottled water can be 1,900 times those of tap water. Paying more means people think that this means bottled water is higher quality. If the consumer does not want to drink tap water because of the taste, they should be encouraged to filter it, not abandon it. I noticed that in your blog, readers are most often encouraged to drink a glass or reusable bottle of water, yet the Best Life is sponsored by bottled water. At least one time you write,”Try toting a bottle of Best Life approved Nestle Pure Life water around; it's a handy way to stay hydrated. (Just don't forget to recycle!)”.

Recycling a plastic bottle does not keep it from being an environmental problem. The plastic bottle that comes with bottled water is left in the environment after the water company gets its profit and the consumer drinks the product. The plastic does not biodegrade. Some estimate that plastic takes centuries to break down. Only a small percentage makes it to the landfill. About 15% is recycled but recycling plastic does not work like recycling glass or aluminum. Eventually recycling plastic reaches a dead end when it left as it is for centuries. A huge amount of it ends up in the oceans where there is no way out. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch ( contains a huge percentage of disposable plastic beverage bottles. It is sobering to think that a plastic bottle that one uses now will still be around in 1,500 generations.

Nestle is not a good citizen when it comes to taking water from the environment. This was illustrated in rural Mecosta county Michigan where Nestle removed so much water from an aquifer that the ecology of the area was damaged. A stream became a mud flat and the area wild life were severely impacted. In November 2003, a Michigan Circuit Court ordered the Nestle Waters North America company to halt all water withdrawals in Mecosta County. They continued to remove water at a huge rate for six more years. They drained water and money from the small community until the court’s were finally able to stop them recently. They have been sticking their straw in rivers, lakes and aquifers in other states also. (

Nestle obviously talks a good talk or Bob Greene and the Best Life team would not have agreed to be sponsored by Pure Life water. Nestle is now connected with someone who shows common sense and who seems trustworthy. Mr. Greene is Oprah Winfrey’s trainer and is well know nationally. His campaign to help consumers lose weight with healthy choices is admirable. This association with Nestle damages the Best Life efforts because bottled water is not healthy.

Linda C. Anderson
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