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Bicycling tips for families

Posted Aug 30 2010 1:39pm

by kiwilog

Biking is such a great, healthy, eco-friendly, family activity, but how do you know you’re buying the right bike gear?

Bikes are a big deal at my house. My husband Marc has three (in various states of ride-ability), and I have one (currently mainly collecting dust, which I blame on the dog, because I spend most of my outside time running with her). Because Marc is such a serious cyclist (he has the spandex and shaved legs to prove it), he/we get asked all the time for advice in picking out bikes and bike gear.

His number one rule is: Get a bike that fits . Go to a shop, get measured, and don’t be tempted by deals on ebay for bikes that would be just a little too big or small. Fit is key to happy, healthy riding. Also, he is anti-training wheelssays they don’t help kids learn balance. And as someone who didn’t learn to ride a bike until age 9, after many years with pink training wheels, I think he’s right.

One question that has stumped us in the past, though, is when parents ask us what kind of trailer or seat they should get for their kids. But now I have a solution. The Kangaroo bike is a safe, stylish way to ride around town with your kids (without having to look over your shoulderdangerous!to make sure they’re okay back there). Just wear a helmet, please, unlike the model in this picture! I love this review of it, toolots of great detail.


I haven’t tried this out myself, but I trust that it’s great: The first U.S. importer of these bikes is J.C.Lind Bike Co . in Chicagoowned by the little (now all grown up) brother of one of my best grade school friends. Trust me: The Linds would never steer us wrong!

Sarah, KIWI editorial director

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