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Bicycling + Bears = Bad Combination

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:16pm

It’s bad enough that we have cut down all of Smokey the Bear’s Forests, polluted Yogi’s national parks and paved over Winnie the Pooh’s Hundred Acre woods. Since we’re already running our bears out of their homes, does that mean we literally have to “run” over them as well?

Apparently a bicyclist in Boulder, Colorado thinks so!

Tim Egan was riding his bike 45 mph down a popular road when he ran smack into a 6 foot tall, 500 pound bear. Both him and his bike flipped over the bear and hit the pavement hard.

Luckily for Tim he only got a few cuts on his head and road rash.

But unluckily for the bear, whom Tim said “had a look of terror on his face and made a noise like aaaahhhh,” he was so traumatized from the accident that a little deer made him take off running for cover.

Here’s theoriginal story.

I know that bears are dangerous, but most won’t bother you unless they are provoked. So I think the bear would have been justified to be a bit perturbed when he was hit by the bicyclist not paying attention to where he was going.

I guess it’s our duty as Americans to not only push something out of its home, but we also have to scare it enough to never come back.

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