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Benefits of Vitamin B12 & Enter to win a months supply

Posted Feb 04 2012 9:10am

I bet you think that Vitamin B12 is just for energy but it’s needed for so much more…

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin.
Vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a critical role in many vital biological functions Normal functioning of the brain and nervous system
The metabolism of every cell in our bodies
Critical in DNA synthesis and regulation
Helps to regulate fatty acid synthesis and energy production
May protect against brain atrophy associated with Alzheimer’s disease and impaired cognitive function
High-dose administration stimulates activity of the body’s TH1 suppressor T-Cells.

Signs that you may be lacking in Vitamin B12
Difficulty speaking (stammering)
Slow reflexes
Limbs being jerky
Problem with memory
Soreness in legs or arms

Hydroxocobalamin Versus Cyancobalamin?
99% of the Vitamin B12 supplements on the market contain a very inexpensive form of B12 called Cyanocobalamin.
Hydroxocobalamin is an expensive form of Vitamin B12 that lasts much longer in one’s system, and it is also the naturally occurring form of B12 found in liver.

There are many problems with the efficient delivery of Vitamin B12 supplements.
For instance, B12 sublingual drops and sprays are better than pills or capsules.
That being said, there is no delivery system that can compare to our sustained 8-10 hour time-release patches.
Each patch delivers an undiluted 5mg dose of Vitamin B12 Hydroxocobalamin directly into the bloodstream.
This gives the liver enough time to process and metabolize the entire dosage efficiently.

If you don’t know the difference between the delivery systems of supplements check out this post that describes transdermal patch delivery vs oral delivery.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause severe damage to the brain and nervous system, even at levels only slightly lower than normal.
That’s why it is so important to supplement your normal dietary intake of Vitamin B12.

I personally use AgeForce’s Vitamin B12 patches for few reasons The patches are more efficient in delivery and I know that they’re formulated, tested, and made in the good US of A and as most of you know by now that’s a selling point for me.

vitamin b12

Always consult a nutritionist, dietitian, licensed medical practitioner and a certified personal trainer prior to taking any supplement, modifying your diet and/or beginning any exercise program.

Question of the day
What’s your favorite exercise?

Added Giveaway
Was just informed, one lucky winner can win a month’s supply of Vitamin B12 from AgeForce

vitamin b12

Contest open until Feb 11, 2012 11:59 p.m.
Winner will be announced on Feb 12, 2012 via email.

Mandatory Entry
Visit AgeForce and come back and comment on what item you’d try.

Additional Entries For each thing you do here, you must put it in a new comment for it to count as an entry.
Please do not combine things you do or it’ll only count as one entry in the contest.

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