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Beijing's Olympic Facade of Greenery: Killing Cats & Kicking Migrant Recyclers Out of Town

Posted Oct 07 2008 7:19pm
We all know how hard China is working to "sanitize" and "green" Beijing for its summer Olympics. Problem is, China's idea of sanitizing is anything but green.

I was haunted for weeks by the Chinese government's rounding up of stray cats from city streets -- not to humanely euthanize them, but to stack them in tiny cages in a warehouse, one on top of another, and leave them to die. It's their way of "sanitizing" the city of cat diseases that it says could spread disease to humans, but there's nothing humane or "green" about China confining cats with no food or water to die a slow, painful death.

Now Beijing is engaged in a similarly hypocritical, though non-lethal, behavior.

Migrant workers recycle one-quarter of Beijing's trash. But apparently the image of tens of thousands of people rummaging through trash for recyclable items isn't "sanitary." So the Chinese government is kicking these migrant worker recyclers out of town.

In other words, China is eliminating probably the only "green" thing that comes naturally to the most polluted city on earth.

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