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Barely Noticeable

Posted Feb 23 2013 7:16am
Barely noticeable (like people, sometimes), but there they were, blooming. Forsythias. We had a hedgerow of them in my backyard when I was growing up, so they always get me right in the heart when I see them.

Barely noticeable, but there he stood. Samuel. He moved to Atlanta from Jamaica 10 months ago. He was standing off on the side, watching. I asked him to plant potatoes with me, and we got to talking. He is working at a supermarket but would rather work at a farm, and I told him I'd ask my farmer friends if they have any opportunities for him. (Contact me for Samuel's email address here .) He has a very positive essence about him.

Barely noticeable, I'm sure, when this person parked, but there it was, the tail end of the truck jutting over the sidewalk. Blocking the way for the person with whom I was traveling, who was in a wheelchair. Keep this in mind when you park.

Barely noticeable, at first, but then it made its presence known in a joyful explosion of taste. The flavor of the powdered, dehydrated jalapenos and chili peppers from last fall (see how to make it here ), sprinkled on roasted tofu (served with roasted garlic from last summer and homemade Mama Bread , and roasted broccoli and turnips fresh from my garden).

Barely noticeable, but then she blossomed when spoken to. A young woman wandering around the community garden, where I was busy turning over the cover crops in two unstewarded beds that I used to tend so they would be improved for their next stewards. Turns out she lives two hours away but stays with her aunt nearby so she can go to college classes during the week. She wants to plant her first garden this spring (at her aunt's house), and she's excited about it. 

Barely noticeable, way off to the side, but there it was, almost like a mirage. The layout of a garden, finally (that link takes you to a post from 2009), at the middle school .

Barely noticeable, a litter-bug's toss from a major interstate highway, but there they were, just being. Mama cows and their calves, laying in the grass, soaking in the late-winter sun, on the largest USDA Certified Organic vegetable farm in the state of Georgia.

What is barely noticeable where you live on our FoodShed Planet? Take a few extra minutes today and look a little more closely. At nature. At people. At yourself.

And, of course, what else is right in front of us that we cannot yet see? 

These are everyday things found in nature, viewed and photographed under my microscope

Keep FoodShed Planet coming. See here . 
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