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Bamboo Skateboard

Posted Nov 21 2008 1:58pm

A couple weeks ago we brought you some great eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas.  In light of the fast approaching holiday season, we decided to continue this trend.  Today’s eco-gift idea is for your teenager who likes to tear up the bowls at the local skate park.  BambooSK8 manufacturers skateboard decks made from bamboo, which is both strong and light weight.

Despite it’s physical qualities, bamboo is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  A stand of bamboo captures more CO 2 than a stand of regular trees, grows at a rate of ~18 inches per day and since it’s a type of grass, continues to grow after being cut down.

Skateboards have traditionally been made from maple trees, which is a hardwood.  However, maple trees can take 20 years to reach a size suitable for harvesting.  Theoretically, a bamboo skateboard deck could be created with only a few days growth of bamboo.  Pretty remarkable if you ask me.

Skateboards are not the only products utilizing this amazing plant.  Bamboo is also used to manufacture cutting boards, hardwood flooring, furniture and paper.

So if you’re planning to buy something made from wood or plastic this Christmas, have a look around to see if someone is making it from bamboo.

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