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Bamboo plants, fall inventory. We can ship plants in the U.S.

Posted Nov 05 2010 3:14pm

We have lots of bamboo plants, both running and clumping, to choose from. We can ship 1 and 5 gallon bamboo plants to most of the U.S., except Hawaii. Many of the varieties can take temperatures below 0 degrees!

Here is a list of what we have currently:

Clumping Bamboo

Bambusa textilis 'Weaver's Bamboo' (15 gallon only; $95)
Bambusa multiplex 'Hedge Bamboo' - $22 Special for 5 gallon
Bambusa multiplex 'Alphonse Karr' (5 gallon; $39)
Bambusa oldhamii 'Giant Clumping Timber Bamboo' - $22 Special for 5 gallon
Bambusa beeceyana 'Beechey Bamboo' (15 gallon only; $75)
Yushania Boliana (5 gallon; $39)
Borinda Fungosa (5 gallon; $39)
Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Blue Bamboo' (5 gallon; $39)
Himalayacalamus hookerianus 'Teague's Blue' (5 gallon; $39)
Fargesia murileae 'Umbrella Bamboo' (5 gallon; $30)
Fargesia denudata (1 gallon; $12)
Thamnocalamus crassinodus (1 gallon; $12)
Faregsia nitida 'Fountain Bamboo' (5 gallon; $30)

Running Bamboo

Phylostachys glauca (5 gallon; $20 or 15 gallon; $75)
Phylostachys heteroclada 'Water Bamboo' (5 gallon; $20)
Phylostachys nigra 'Black Bamboo' (5 gallon; $39)
Phylostachys nigra punctata 'Giant Black Bamboo' (5 gallon; $39)
Semiarundaria yashadake (5 gallon; $20)
Phylostachys bissetti (1 gallon; $12)
Pseudosasa amabalis 'Tonkin Cane Bamboo' (5 gallon; $39)
Chimonobambusa tumissidinossa 'Chinese Walking Stick Bamboo' (15 gallon only; $70)
Phylostachys bambusoides 'Castillon' (15 gallon; $95)
Phylostachys nigra 'Bory' or 'Leopard Skin Bamboo' (15 gallon only; $95)
Phylostachys aurea 'Koi' (1 gallon $12)

See a bamboo plant you want?

E-mail us on what your interested in and we can provide a quote for the plant cost plus shipping costs.

If your local, you can also visit us by appointment. Just call or e-mail us.

Thank you!

Mad Man Bamboo Nursery - Rocklin, CA


Where to find us......

Phone: (916) 300-6335

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