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Bag it!

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:15pm
Part One: Just a note to address the lack of FOOD on this food blog lately! The wedding is in 16 days, and our ceiling in a major part of the house is being repaired at the moment. Not too much time for home cooking, but I'll do my best! Until things settle down, look forward to some informative stuff and fun giveaway links! :)

On to the fun! I was looking at a neat blog today called Groovy Green. I clicked over and looked at an important piece on the plastic bag issue. I am as guilty as anyone else for forgetting my bags sometimes, so I love a nice reminder.

Change the way you shop - for good. Watch this video and make the pledge to use fewer plastic bags. Together we can keep one billion plastic bags from polluting our streets this year.

Take the pledge!

My best advice on remembering reusable bags is:

*Keep some bags everywhere! In your home and in your vehicle/bike/work bag/etc. We have some hooks in the kitchen where I hang bags. I also keep a small folded-up one in my purse, and several in my car.

*Spend a little money to get bags you like! Those little .99 store bags springing up everywhere are ok, but they tear up pretty easily and aren't gorgeous. Spring for several bags that you love to look at! It makes shopping more fun, and it seems to make it easier to remember the bags when they are fun to use. My favorites are from Blue Q, which you can also find on Ebay pretty easily. I'd love to try the EnviroSax too.

Have a happy day!
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