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Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
It takes tiny steps - one at a time- to change your lifestyle from wasteful to green. I made a list of some things that involve steps, some steps better than others. Most of these involve plastic and packaging that is unnecessary. Can you add some more to the list? Let me know!

1. BAD - Bottled tea; BETTER - Brew your own with bags; BEST - Brew your own with bulk tea (much higher quality).

2. BAD
- Pop in a plastic bottle; BETTER - Can of pop; BEST - Drink water, juice, milk - anything else but pop.

3. BAD
- Liquid dish washing soap in a plastic bottle; BETTER - Natural dish washing soap in a plastic bottle; BEST - Use concentrated natural soap that you dilute into your own bottle.

4. BAD
- Dishwasher detergent in plastic bottle; BETTER - Dishwasher detergent with no phosphates in a plastic bottle; BEST - Dishwasher detergent with no phosphates in a box

5. BAD
- Disposable lighter; BETTER - Refillable lighter; BEST - A match!

6. BAD
- 100 calorie snacks individually packaged; BETTER - Bag of cookies - use self control; BEST - Make your own cookies - use self control.

7. BAD
- Individual plastic cups of yogurt; BETTER - Quart of yogurt in a plastic tub; BEST - Make your own and store it in a glass container.

8. BAD
- Disposable razor; BETTER - Razor that uses replaceable blades; BEST - Old fashioned safety razor, although my husband says “No way.”

9. BAD
- Liquid hand soap in a plastic bottle; BETTER - Bar of soap like Dial off the grocery shelf; BEST - Dr. Bronner’s all natural bar of soap or one of many other great natural brands.

10. BAD
- Deodorant or antiperspirant in a plastic container; BETTER - Deodorant made of plant based materials in a plastic container; BEST - No container. I was surprised that I liked it. Just a simple chunk of deodorant.

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