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Baby Sling Warning

Posted Mar 11 2010 1:02pm

by kiwilog


By now you may have heard that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission is planning to issue a warning about baby slings. Two years ago, there were concerns about soft baby slings and babies falling out of them (which resulted in nearly two dozen injuries). This recent warning concerns infants suffocating. The Commission claims there have been complaints and even deaths due to infants suffocating in their slings.

When babies are very young (or very small), they have little or no control over their head and neck movement. If a child in a sling is cradled in a “C-like” or curved position, this allows for chin-to-chest contact, which can restrict airflow and result in asphyxiation.

Now, don’t go tossing your baby sling into the garbage just yet. No specific brands have been singled out. Like most products, many slings are safe if used properly. According to experts, the safest way to carry your baby in a sling is to have the baby upright, sitting tummy-to-tummy with the parent.

What do you think about the warning? Have you had any trouble with particular baby slings?

-Nicole McGovern

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