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August's Stupid Plastic Crap

Posted Aug 16 2009 11:23pm

It's time again to nominate a useless piece of plastic as the Stupid Plastic Crap of the month. The idea behind doing this is to show how we humans have taken a fairly useful material like plastic and grossly misused it, manufacturing a product that is not really needed - for a profit. When the plastic item is no longer used, it will be thrown away to hang around for centuries. August’s item is the The NANA Saver™ Banana Holder. It is a plastic clip/cover that fits over your half banana that has not been eaten. It looks like a half banana that clamps over the cut end of the real banana.

To win this dubious honor, plastic crap has to meet these 3 criteria: 1. If removed from the face of the earth, there would be no negative effects. In fact the earth would benefit; 2. There is no logical reason for its existence; 3. It can easily be replaced with eco-friendly, simpler means.

The only reason I can see for using the Nana Saver is to make the half banana look like a whole banana. It is supposed to keep the banana from turning brown on the cut end but I doubt that it does. Nature has endowed many fruit and vegetables with the ability to fight bacteria at the site of a cut by make the cut turn dark as a result of a chemical reaction. The fruit contains the plant’s seed or offspring. If the fruit rots because it has been cut, the seed may be in danger. Of course we have genetically bred bananas to have no seeds, but they still have this reaction.

How does one replace this invention with eco-friendly means? Pay attention, this is complicated. After you cut the banana in half, let it sit in the fruit bowl. The end will turn brown - that’s natural. When you want to eat the remaining half (this is the hard part) take a sharp knife and slice the brown part off. Then eat the banana and enjoy.

Why are there so many silly plastic items that relate to bananas? I found another invention called the Banana Guard which is a plastic container to carry your banana in. The Banana Bunker is similar. Be a mindful consumer and avoid plastic stuff like the Nana Saver, but love those bananas!
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