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Are You Cleaning Your Dishes with a Dirty Dish Sponge?

Posted Nov 27 2008 10:58am

Ahhhh, washing dishes.  Women hate it, men loathe it, teenagers despise it and dogs love it (they get the scraps).  We all need to eat, which means washing dishes is something we all have to do.  Dishing washing techniques vary from person to person.  There are those who fill the sink and those who wash under running water.  Then there are those who don’t wash at all and use a dish washer.  This article is for those who wash by hand.

For years, hand washing dishes involved a washing device such as a sponge or wash cloth and some kind of dish washing detergent.  Many manufacturers have come a long way to bring us eco-friendly dishing washing liquid, but what about the washing device.  As many of you are aware, sponges harbour all sorts of germs and bacteria and wash cloths are no exception.  Decent sponges cost a couple  to few dollars depending on what brand you buy and are only good for a few weeks.  Wash cloths start to smell after a few days and need constant cleaning themselves.

What I want is a washing pad that doesn’t harbour bacteria, lasts for months and costs less.  A couples weeks ago I found such a pad.  It’s called the Safix Scrub Pad.

I received my scrub pads from a couple weeks ago and was intrigued as to how well they might work.  After a couple weeks of washing, I have to say they work extremely well.

The Safix Scrub Pad is made from coconut fibers, which are bonded together using a non-toxic adhesive.  The scrub pad generates plenty of soap suds, which helps reduce the amount of soap required to wash your dishes.  The cocunut fibers are soft enough to not scratch your dishes and hard enough to scrub away stuck on food and greasy messes.

The best things about the coconut scrub pad is they are hygenic and biodegradable.  After you’re done with them, you toss them in your compose pile. sells the Safix Scrub Pads for 2 for $5.00, which is more than a cheap dollar store sponge and pretty much on par with a decent high-quality sponge.  However, the Safix sponges will  last much longer than your regular sponge.

If you’re interested in trying out a new way to wash your dishes, head over to and give the Safix Scrub Pad a try.  You’ll save yourself some money and the environment at the same time.

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