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April's Stupid Plastic Crap

Posted Apr 20 2011 11:00am

On my last visit to CVS I passed through the Easter aisle and discovered these camouflaged plastic Easter eggs.  What a great example of stupid plastic crap!

Easter is a time of renewal and rebirth after a long winter.  New leaves are opening on the trees, flowers are blooming, new baby animals are born.  It’s a time of pastel colors and spiritual introspection.  Camouflage colored plastic Easter eggs do not fit easily into this picture.

One might think they are camo-colored in order to make them easier to hide and harder to find for an Easter egg hunt, but I do not think so because they come with 6 little plastic soldiers.  This indicates war to me - not spring renewal.  They seem more like grenades than Easter surprises.

What is a greener way to have an Easter egg hunt?  Use real eggs rather than plastic ones.  Let your children help decorate them.  Check out this website  for ideas on decorating eggs with plant and vegetable dyes.  Have a peaceful Easter!
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