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Anti-Water Bottle Campaign targets Coke

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
Today, a colleague, passed along this article in Advertising Age: Coke to Get Deluged By Anti-Water-Bottle Campaign, 'Tappening' Aims to Raise Awareness for Recycling Efforts by Natalie Zmuda.

Mark DiMassimo and Eric Yaverbaum have launched a very creative campaign the brings into the spotlight the wastefulness and questionable benefits of consuming bottled water. They argue that (1) use of water bottles creates a tremendous amount of waste (2) Yeah their recyclable, but that process consumes energy to run full circle (3) many bottled waters are essentially tap water (sometimes with less state and federal guidelines in place than municipal drinking water) (4) using a reusable water bottle with tap water, when compared to bottled water creates less waste and in some cases may be better water.

They lay these arguments out in some detail on the website:

Why Tap Water?

Why Not Bottled Water?

Their stated motivation is to sell water bottles with clever sayings to self fund their education campaign, my favorite saying is: "Think Globally. Drink Locally."

With some municipal government considering or outright banning one-use water bottles, this may be a sign of market changes to come.... the convenience of the water bottle is perhaps becoming less compelling in comparison to the impact this "convenience" has on our environment.


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