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An offshore alternative to offshore oil drilling.....

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
The offshore oil drilling debate is frankly quite comical. A knee-jerk reaction to expensive oil, politicians, particularly those in Congress and running for the presidency, seek an easy platitude to satisfy an growing unease among their constituencies over high gas prices. Rather than looking or a long-term, clean and progressive solution, politicians go for an easy, but largely meaningless solution, drill offshore. California, the east coast, there is no pristine coastline off limits.

So what is the real benefit for drilling offshore - many say its nominal. According to, "No one can say conclusively. Think in terms of one to two million barrels per day by 2025-2030. But now the world consumes 86 million a day, the US consumes 20 million, imports 13 million, produces only 7 million. Offshore clearly won’t be a savior."

As I sat for a medical appointment the other day, I ran across a solution in a waiting room magazine that may very well yield a better benefit in less time and it uses the abundance of clean wind energy offshore. A company called Blue H, who used the oil platform as its basis, has been building offshore wind platforms as a way to produce energy, mostly in Europe. Check it out.

Are our esteemed "leaders" ready to move beyond simplicity and think about truly seeking energy independence? One could only hope.....

Flickr photo -Morten Brunjberg
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