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An Experiment in Green Awareness

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:21pm

Earlier this month, I attended a casual family and friends gathering, and I decide to wear the 100% organic cotton T-shirt in the picture. I wanted to conduct a green experiment of sorts, essentially, to see how many people would "get it."

First of all, when I bought this shirt, the girl at the checkout counter made a comment, "So I guess you like the color green, huh?" Uh hello, I don't think so! "Actually," I said, " it's about the environment." I figured, here's an opportunity for me to clue in this young naive girl. She smiled weakly at me, as though I were speaking Greek. So far, the score is 0-1.

I arrive at the party, which had 25-30 people there, and over the course of one hour, almost every person approached me with some comment about my shirt one way or another. I scored big with getting people's attention, but the reactions indicated about 95% had no idea whatsoever what this shirt could possibly mean. I was pretty shocked. Only one person approached me and said," Hey, that shirt is about the environment, right?" Most people said, " Hey, that shirts not green!" and they were serious. Maybe its me, but isn't "green" pretty big right now? Shouldn't most people on this planet know what the word "green" might mean, unless they live under a rock?

It's possible that this particular group simply lacked in the savvy, current events category. But the truth is that green awareness clearly hasn't really gone fully mainstream. We would all be doing a real service to the planet by bringing up green news and ideas, at parties, in a bar, or at those wonderful family gatherings. There are plenty of clueless types at those! And with the holidays approaching, there will be many social opportunities for us to reach out and educate those around us, while making ourselves looking smarter than the average bear. And stay tuned, because we will be discussing some interesting facts here over the coming week!

TIP: If you are looking to be the center of attention or want a lot of people to approach you, I highly recommend this shirt. Call it a philanthropic mission! Read more!

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