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An Evolving Point of View

Posted Nov 16 2013 7:41am
Here are my Around Atlanta in 180 Days photos for the last two weeks (we're up to Day 68, by the way). I see patterns and preferences adding up over time, such as my continual attraction to detritus*. (Trust me--I've tried getting pictures I like in fancy Atlanta neighborhoods but so far they have bored me to tears. I'm looking for mashups like the "sheep parking on Tuxedo Road" photo from a while back.) Plus, I also notice "the storyteller in me" always notices relational juxtapositions, whether it be physical forms, light and shadow, lines, color, textual messages, or cultural symbols.

As always, I aim to establish some sort of longitudinal balance among the photos, but the truth is that the mere selection of a daily photo shifts the equilibrium in a direction that redefines what exactly "balance" is on this weird journey of mine. Balance, alas, is relative and continually shifting. Pictured here are outtakes from this week/photos that did not get selected for reasons I can't quite articulate (which is why I love visual art so much ). They just didn't fit.

one of my friends who rode with me this week
It never stops amazing me how much beauty there is out there and how much artistic inspiration surrounds us. Add movement (car, bike, wind, rain) and music (radio, singing, or what I like to call "public noise"--the sound of a jackhammer or a car horn or laughter) and it's almost overwhelmingly astounding. The continually shocking part to me? It's all just waiting to be noticed every single day, wherever you live on our shared FoodShed Planet. Grab a camera or sketchbook or tape recorder and head on out there, beyond your comfort zone. You will be surprised. ( Here's why this whole project started. )

As I view the body of work so far (hung currently on three walls of a bedroom, and about to start its climb across the ceiling soon), I am starting to understand my evolving point of view. The desire to go back to some of the earlier visual poetries and "fix" or "change" them is great. But that's not how life works. Or is it? Can we fix or change the past? 

Stay tuned for a post about how art, in all its forms, can not only move audiences, but move them to action, and why storytelling is "having a moment" in our society right now. This includes an interview with an extraordinary New York City-based actor/activist/change agent, plus a whole lot more related to the arts that I experienced this week that, frankly, I'm still sorting out.

*See Detritus=Innovation=The Future

eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world
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