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Al Gore and The Climate Debate that Never Happened

Posted Jul 19 2010 8:28am

A Heated Exchange: Al Gore confronts his critic(s), but one critic openly confronts Mr. Gore to a debate!

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Revisiting the Climate Debate, 2009.

Never mind that the scientific community is divided over what causes global warming, how bad it is and how to deal with it. Al Gore plays Chicken Little to the media’s applause, insisting that the world is warming dangerously and that he has the solution.

( Watch the video, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal )

Former Vice President Al Gore repeated his message that climate change is a planetary emergency at the WSJ’s economics conference in California. The Nobel Prize winner declined to take any questions from reporters, but he did receive a couple of challenges from attendees, including Bjorn Lomborg .

Mr. Lomborg, a skeptical Danish environmentalist who thinks the world would be better off spending its money on health and education issues rather than curbing carbon emissions, said to the former vice president, “I don’t mean to corner you, or maybe I do mean to corner you, but would you be willing to have a debate with me on that point?” Gore, as you can imagine, declined.

Mr. Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus , a gathering of Nobel Prize winners, drafts a wish list for global problem solving — not just focusing on energy, but everything from education to combating tuberculosis. Audience members at the conference voted for education and energy research as their top priorities. The Copenhagen Consensus is an amazing organization that you should definitely take the time to check out; their work is exceptional.

Well, it’s the era of green wars, but the article  “Do As Al Says, Not AS Al Does” speaks volumes about Mr. Gore’s hypocritical lifestyle:

Former U. S. vice-president Al Gore delivered a major address last summer calling on his country to abandon all fossil fuels within 10 years. By 2018, U. S. electricity and fuel should come entirely from “renewable energy and truly clean, carbon-free sources,” he said. Tickets to the event encouraged attendees to “please use public transit, bicycling or other climate-friendly means” to reach the lecture hall.

So how did Mr. Gore and his retinue arrive? In two Lincoln Town Cars and a full-sized SUV that sat idling with the air conditioners blasting while the Gore party was inside.

2216184775 2d816c31a2 300x225 Al Gore and The Climate Debate that Never Happened It was 34 C in Washington. Al Gore can’t be expected to get into an overheated vehicle after he’s worked up a sweat telling others how to save the planet.

Remember, too, the Nobel prize winning environmentalist lives in a Tennessee mansion that produces a carbon footprint 20 times that of the average American home. A sizable chunk of his personal fortune comes from royalties on a zinc mine which had to be temporarily closed five years ago in part because the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency ruled it one of the worst-polluting mine sites in America. Illegal toxins were frequently discharged into nearby rivers.

The battle lines have been drawn, but the issues on Global Warming, though stated as complete, will not go away without more research, debate and much needed up-to-date scientific data. Like Dr. Copenhagen has said, “let’s spend our money wisely.”

If cap-and-trade plans like Kyoto are a bust, what should the world do? Vastly enhancing our focus on the research and development of new energy technology offers the most bang for the buck, he says, and is “absolutely better” than capping carbon emissions. Each dollar spent on energy R&D would bring $11 in benefits, his group figures; each dollar spent on traditional cap-and-trade plans brings about $0.90 in benefits .

The American Powers Act, (Cap and Trade?) is an Energy Tax, 2010

The government  believes if gas costs more you’ll drive less. That’s why they want to increase the gas tax, but without your knowledge. They’ll try to say it isn’t a gasoline tax because it doesn’t raise the current 18.4 cents per gallon Federal Gasoline Excise Tax. The details reveal their proposal is a new tax on top of the existing Federal Gasoline Excise Tax. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who helped craft this new gas tax, admitted the higher costs for energy companies “will be passed on” to motorists at the pump. Don’t be fooled by the rhet0ric, this bill is a gas tax on you and your family.

American Power Act: Hurts Small Business, Does Little for Environment
Leading Economist Releases Cap & Trade “522K Job-killer” Report
It’s time that Congress passes a fair and functional Energy Bill, but not a bill that will only add more burden to the taxpayer’s back and do little to help the environment or climate change. It’s time that Congress stops bending to the pressures of the lobbyists, who have spent millions on the American Power Act. It’s not what the lobbyists want, but a bill must be passed that helps America and doesn’t hinder its future growth. Congress must spend our money wisely. There will be no comprehensive energy bill unless the politics are completely removed, but this will not agree with the current politics and a Congress who likes to get stroked.

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