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Acer Aspire 4720 Battery Provides Juice for Your Laptop

Posted May 15 2013 1:55am

The Acer Aspire 4720 battery is a great battery at an affordable price. This quality product delivers more juice for your personal computer, includes many great features other batteries do not, and comes in different cells for different uses and it has a snug fit.


The average computer user doesn't sit at a desk all day, they have their laptops with them on the couch, at night, and maybe even at the dinner table. The point is, we're not always near our beloved electricity outlets and therefore, we cannot charge our laptops all day. We need to have a charge that will last a good session. One hour battery life is absolutely terrible, and I've heard of people having this kind of battery and I feel bad for them. You'll never have to worry about that with this battery. This battery boasts a 5-hour session from a single charge.


Do you sometimes leave your computer charging with Acer Aspire 4720 adapter all day, over 100 percent sometimes? Have you ever noticed your battery life depleting faster and faster every day? Ever have your battery just overheat and burn itself out? Ever short circuited it? Worry no more, the Acer Aspire 4720 battery has many great features that the competition is lacking that proves its usefulness in the market. This batter sports over-charge and over-discharge protection for those of you lazy bums that don't want to get up and unplug the laptop or vice versa. This way, your battery will last longer. Also included with this battery is the protection from overheating and short-circuiting. This is great for those of us who use our laptops multiple hours a day, and multiple days a week. Never worry about your battery getting overcharged, over-discharged, overheated, or short-circuited because this battery covers it all.


The best thing about this battery for Acer Aspire 4720 is the options you have to choose from. You can choose from the 6 or the 12 cell battery. The bigger the cell the longer it lasts. If you're not a power user like some of us, opt for the 6, if you are a power user, I suggest going for the 12. Either way, you'll get the best battery for your money.


Does your battery fall out often? I remember way back, when I had an Acer laptop, the battery used to get overheated and then the laptop would freeze so I had to take out the battery frequently, and after a while the battery just wasn't the same and it would fall out on its own while I'm doing my work on the laptop. Man was that frustrating, but that's a thing of the past with this battery. This battery fits nice and snug into your compartment and will not come out without a bit of force.


For the best bang for your buck battery wise I would go with the Acer battery. The extended battery is enough on its own to make you want it, but it includes many other great features that the competitors do not, it has great options for many different users, and it's a great fit for your laptop.


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