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A Tree House is a Tree House...Not Quite!

Posted Nov 03 2008 6:28am 1 Comment

Do you remember when you were a child, climbing your favorite tree, pestering your father to build you a tree house so you and your friends could have your own private place to hang out?  I did, except my tree house was on the ground and attached to the side of the garage.

Pretty much every child’s dream is to have a tree house, but who’s to say you have to be a child?  Have you ever considered building your dream home in a tree?  I personally don’t have any experience of living in a tree house, but I can imagine it would be quite the experience.  Some people may think of tree houses as four simple walls, a floor and a roof, but these photos show that tree houses can be incredible wonders of architecture.

Building a tree house for yourself or for your children is an amazing way to get in touch with nature.  Living amongst the foliage, breathing in that fresh air can help you forget the stresses of the rat race and reminder you how fragile nature can be.

Constructing a tree house is no easy task.  Not only do you require a big tree, but you must be mindful of your impact on the environment.  Tree houses don’t come with hookups to the city power grid or sewage system, so everthing you do, may have an impact on your surroundings.

If you are considering a home like this, do you research, reduce your impact on the environment and you’ll end up with an incredible home that Mother Nature can be proud of.

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Tree Houses are not necesarily "Green" in the environmental sense. But they can be if the builder takes the care to use reclaimed or recycled materials, care for the trees, and not disturb the environment while building. I saw an amazing tree house built with a very small environmental footprint. I think it was built by this tree house company, but I'll have to check with my friend who had it built. Tree houses built with common, off the shelf lumber, steel, plastic, and tar products that aren't any more green than regular houses.
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