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A Powerful Tool that Can Soften the Hardest Heart

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:12am

Monday morning, and here is a sample of the news headlines: Prescription Drugs Found in U.S. Drinking Water; Talk of Anger, Justice, Revenge at Co-Ed Funerals; Cars Spin Wildly, Get Smashed on Icy Roads; 6-Month-Old Infant Dies in Apartment Fire; U.S. Wars to Cost $12,000,000,000,000/month. . . Need I go on? It's days like this that I wonder if I have the strength for another Monday, yet here I am, week three for us of Every Monday Matters, and it's my younger daughter's turn. She picked an easy one, it seemed to me at first, although doing it gets harder and harder after reading each headline.

#18. Show your smile.

It's as simple as that. Can we really change the world with our smiles? A smile is a universal communicator that is understood in every culture. It is a powerful tool that can soften the hardest heart. And it costs nothing and is easy to do. Worth a shot.

As for Adopt-a-Pet Week, the blankets were much welcomed and appreciated at the Animal Hospital, we have now adopted a whale named Tornado, and six very squirmy puppies got lots of attention from us yesterday--and we managed to make it through the week without adopting a new pet of our own.

But, yes, there was a tragic ending. The husband of my-friend-who-died (who is a dear friend of mine, too) was out running with his dog Friday night, the dog that has been his source of great comfort and companionship during some very hard times. Suddenly, a speeding car full of teenagers whipped by and hit the dog, instantly killing her. The young driver was in tears and full of remorse, and my friend and I hope that perhaps the shock of the incident might change the course of that boy's life for the better. But in the meantime, a senseless death occurred, and I am reminded once again how important it is to slow down out there.

Slow down and smile.

As for 1-Mile March, it was not a successful week, I suppose, if we measure it against perfection. Snow, sickness, tornado warnings, and more, sidetracked us far more than we would like to admit, although we did have a fabulous walk to school in a torrential downpour that we never would have even attempted if not for 1-Mile March. So I guess the question becomes--do we judge ourselves against how far below perfection we are, or how far above failure? Do we judge ourselves at all? It's tempting to say "no" but I've heard a goal equals a dream with a deadline, and that what gets measured gets accomplished, so yes, I think there is a place for judging.

And judging by the weather report for this week, I stand a better chance of success (although, of course, it's pitch-black in the morning now because of the time change yesterday.)

March on (at least home from school)!

And smile.
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