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A man, a stool and the number four.....

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
True story, my wife and I have been planning our driving day lately, whoever had the most driving time that day, gets the Prius, the other gets the less efficient Honda Odessey (minivan). Today, with no meetings ofsite at work, I took the van. Starting the minivan this morning, the gas light was on (ugh).

Went through the day and knew as I drove home that I needed to get some gas and the car needed a wash badly (normally its green, but it had a nice brown-grey film on it, plus its more water efficient than washing it myself at home, but that a story for another day). Pulled into the local Chevron, ugh, its $3.99 a gallon (thanks Wall Street). Swiped the ol' credit card and started pumping.

As soon as I started pumping gas, a young man with dark curly hair, short in stature, emerges from the mini-mart, donning a Chevron shirt, no doubt an employee. In his right hand was a step stool and in the other hand, numbers. He marched towards the price sign as if it were a routine by now, no doubt sometimes twice a day as of lately. Places the stool down, climbs, replaces the $3.99 with $4.07 a gallon for the lowest grade unleaded (yikes, $4.99 for diesel!). Ugh and double Ugh. The moment he places the last number on the sign, I hear the familiar "click." "Oh no," I thought did I just pump $4.07 a gallon gas? Reciept prints, whew, $3.99 a gallon, just under the wire.

It was a little surreal, like watching New Year's countdown in 1999. Also strange being thankful for $3.99 a gallon gas. Weirdest of all and eight cent jump per gallon in prices , just like that. The gas gods treated me well, if just for this moment. $4 a gallon a gas, things as we knew it are going to change.


Photo courtesy of Flickr -Ciannait
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