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A First Trimester Rant…

Posted Nov 24 2008 7:15am

One would really think that I would be used to the symptoms of pregnancy by now. Really - I mean this is my 8th pregnancy (one ended in miscarriage). You’d think after being pregnant this many times, I would have strategies for coping with morning sickness - which I get all day and very severely - and being exhausted. So far, all I’ve come up with is sitting on the couch with my laptop. Sometimes I lay down and moan.

I do get up to pee a lot - so that forces me to walk past loads of laundry that need to be folded. Sometimes I fold them. Most times I go, “Ugh…later.”

I have tried everything to quell my queasiness - sea bands, ginger root, ginger ale, saltines, dry toast, eating before I get up in the morning, eating protein, you name it.

The only thing that seems to work is sleeping through it - which is not really a possibility with three homeschoolers, expecting me to teach them something and a toddler! Fortunately, my teenage daughter doesn’t require much assistance - except that I’ve agreed to coach her basketball team. I’m hoping it gives me something else to focus on besides how cruddy I feel!

So, let’s see, I’ve been pregnant about 8 weeks now and already I can’t fit into any of the pants I just got back into after having Kiara, I’m exhausted and nodding off at the drop of a hat, the only food that turns me on right now are Rolos, I cry for no reason at all (OK, well, my husband kissing me on the cheek instead of the lips seemed like a perfectly good reason to cry at the time…) and Kiara still wants to nurse which is painful and driving me a little crazy!

OK - I’m done now. Did I mention that I’m really happy to be pregnant and can’t wait for the second trimester to begin? Well, if I didn’t - I am, and I can’t!

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