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A Farmer Named Sue, A Weimeraner Named Rose, Two Sheep Named Cecil and Sam, and a Shout-out to Hollywood

Posted Oct 24 2011 6:02am

I'm not ready for the goats, with their horns.  Let's start with the sheep.  I like the sheep the best.  Every time I go to my friend Farmer Sue's at the Art Barn at Morning Glory Farm (6 acres that looks like a movie set, where Farmer Sue offers hands-on animal encounters and creativity-boosting art lessons), I end up with the sheep.  I think that tells a lot about a person, but I'll leave you to figure out what that means about me (my younger daughter always ends up with the chickens, and my older daughter always ends up with the donkeys, so people are definitely attracted to specific species).  I had gone up to Farmer Sue's to specifically learn how to do some farm chores, species by species, in case I ever do end up on an urban farm that has animals as well as vegetables. This week, sheep.

Farmer Sue showed me where she keeps their feed and minerals, as she had redesigned the farm a bit since my last time there.  I was then tasked with cleaning out their shed, which was not only a rabbit-pellet-sized-manure mess, but was covered with cobwebs.  Farmer Sue went back about her booming business (which included three birthday parties on Saturday and two on Sunday this weekend), and I settled in with a Weimeraner named Rose as my constant companion. 
After reflecting on how lovely the cleaned shed looked and dragging the wagon with the manure across the farm to the compost pile, I sat on a stool and my two sheep buddies, Cecil and Sam, came and joined me.  (Considering Cecil had worn a diaper and walked around my kitchen when he was an injured baby and Farmer Sue was bottle-feeding him, I have always felt an affinity toward him).  

I just sat there with them, the roosters crowing and donkeys braying in the background, the sun shining, the leaves falling, and an incredible peace washing over me. I shot this little 3-minute video for you .  Then, as I got up to leave reluctantly, Cecil and Sam and a few of their other friends headed out to the huge pasture (for which Farmer Sue has some major exciting plans next year--stay tuned) and grazed on fresh grass in the golden Autumn sun (pictured at the top of this post).  
And I felt happier than a pig in, well, you know what.  In fact, the next installment of this possibly 4-part series may involve the pigs. As always, I love learning as I grow.  And Farmer Sue loves to teach.
Quick shout-out to Hollywood: As I was driving home, I got to thinking about how the state of Georgia is encouraging more movies to be shot on location throughout the state (Bette Midler, Billy Crystal, and Marissa Tomei are filming in my city right now), and I can't help thinking that Farmer Sue herself and the Art Barn at Morning Glory Farm are roll-'em ready for their moment on the Big Screen.

Here are some other Farmer Sue posts of mine, to help you imagine this location for your child's birthday party (or for your movie location).  Contact Farmer Sue here (tell her I sent you!):
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And here are some videos I shot at Farmer Sue's:

Farmer Sue's Animals Are Just Waiting for You Farmer Sue's Art Barn at Morning Glory Farm Eco Lawn Mowing Introducing the Stirrup Hoe Sheep Shearing at Farmer Sue's
See "Hungry for the Most Basic of Human Expression--Art" in my book , available on Amazon , on Better World Books , at Farmer D Organics in Atlanta, and at select libraries in New York. (It is already sold out in Tasmania).
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