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A Change That Makes Sense (How a Repurposed Parking Meter Made Me Realize I Was Falling in Love)

Posted Feb 12 2013 5:32am
Funny that this interestingly-repurposed parking meter would end up being a portal to discovery for me.

The website address listed on it took me to the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District's site , where I found lots of cool things, including: 

* The Green Line Plan
* The Folk Art Park
* A whole section titled "Have Fun" (I'm all about fun on this joy-based journey, and I feel like fun is starting to get lost in a number of "sustainability" circles)
* First Thursdays ArtsWalk
* The section titled About Downtown Green Source (covers everything from energy efficiency to sustainable food sourcing to green jobs)

I've never particularly loved living in metro Atlanta*. I don't like to drive. I miss walking everywhere and riding my bike easily. I miss water. I miss artistic expression as just an everyday way of life, no matter what your walk of life. Yet, I've been making a conscientious decision for awhile now to get out to more parts of the city more often and to open up myself to fresh, new experiences and points of view, as well as the commonalities of humanity that bind us no matter where we live.

No doubt I would have made some different decisions with what I've learned over the years about myself (for instance, I'm far more urban than I realized, so I would have thought twice before buying a house in suburbia), and, yes, it's true that I've thought for a long time I would eventually need to move back where I left my heart. But, I dare say, this Valentine's Day week, provoked by a simple red parking meter, that I may be finally falling in love with here, with now. With Atlanta. 

So, so, so much good is happening here. Maybe, just maybe, I will find my true place here, finally, after 23 years. Maybe this is a change that makes sense.

What about where you live, anywhere on our FoodShed Planet?  Are you in love with it? If not, can you come at it with fresh eyes?  Can you give it a second chance? Can you help be part of its positive changes?

Metro Atlanta is about to get a new tool to make "making a difference" and finding your unique place in the bigger picture easier for more people. I got a preview of it and was asked for my opinion about it. I like it. In fact, I may even love it. Stay tuned!   

* I do, of course, like the year-round climate for growing food. 

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