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7 Best Detox Foods for Spring

Posted May 24 2011 9:00am

best detox foods

With spring come some of the best foods to detox naturally. After long winter months, nature awakens and brings us the most mineral packed foods ever.  In fact there are some spring detox foods that are almost only available during this time of year, so now is the perfect time to reap all the health benefits they can bring you.


Top 7 Spring Detox Foods


Artichokes: Artichoke is a wonderful food for the liver and the gallbladder. It helps to detox of harmful chemicals.  Artichoke also helps lowers high blood pressure and calm down IBS symptoms.


Dandelion: Dandelions are a powerful food for a liver detox diet.  It stimulates the digestive juices, helping the digestion of fats. It also contains 48 substances that support your body to detox naturally. Spring is the ideal time to benefit from dandelion greens, as they get too bitter later in the summer.


Asparagus: One of the best sources of natural glutathione. Asparagus helps cleanse the kidneys, and reduce water retention.  Its high content in folate and magnesium make it a healthy addition to any liver cleansing diet.


Garlic: Antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-cancer, garlic can clearly be named a superfood. Garlic contains specific antioxidants and substances that play an important role into natural detoxification.


Nettles: This lesser know common garden weed makes wonderful detox soups.  Nettles are very rich in minerals, and can ease seasonal allergy symptoms. This super detox food also strengthens the liver, adrenal glands and kidneys. Just remember to wear gloves when picking them. But don’t worry; the stinging parts are destroyed during cooking.  Always be sure to identify the plant without a doubt before picking it yourself.


Peas: Rich in vegan protein and packed with essential nutrients, this makes an ideal food to substitute heavier protein sources during a detox or a liver cleansing diet.


Baby greens: During spring, baby greens are tender and full of nutrients.  It’s the ideal time to introduce yourself to the health benefits of dark leafy greens as young tender leaves haven’t developed bitterness.


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