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Search posts: Responds Tepid Results of Copenhagen Climate Summit

Posted Dec 23 2009 7:00am

Disappointed by the tepid results of the Copenhagen Climate Summit? I surely am. Once again, bickering and propaganda were extremely effective in blocking progress on a truly global crisis which already is displacing thousands of people and soon will leave millions more as environmental refugees. Still, the event was not a total loss and the good people at deserve much of the credit.

For months, I’ve been telling you about the importance of reducing our atmospheric carbon content to 350PPM and holding there. Back in October, the International Day of Climate Action focused the attention of a great many people, including some who were delegates to the Copenhagen Climate Summit, on the all-important statistic of 350PPM.

Moreover, for the first time in a great many years, the sitting President of the United States stated unequivocally that the science of global warming proves unequivocally that humanity is the primary cause of the climate crisis. That’s big news.

So, since so little was achieved beyond strong rhetoric from the leadership of the world’s greatest polluters, what is to be done? Well, we must keep fighting and directing the focus on the fact that it is the most vulnerable among us who will bear the brunt of nature’s revenge for all the damage we’ve inflicted.

That’s why has posted a series of superb photos of children reminding all of us that we must achieve a hard ceiling of atmospheric carbon content of 350PPM for their sake. I found the images profoundly moving and encourage you to view the entire series at

If the politicians and bureaucrats can’t find common ground, pun intended, on the urgency to address the destructive power of a weather phenomenon which we have created and which will cost the world economy trillions of dollars of value, then it is up to us, the people who actually care about the fate of this planet, to effect the necessary change. continues to lead my charge. As a result, they have my respect and support.

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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