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3 Rainy Day Summer Activites For kids

Posted Jun 15 2009 4:13pm

I made three phone calls one day last week. All were business calls to clients, vendors or associates.

Each call was punctuated by the person on the other end marginally covering the phone and saying one of the following:

1) No, wait, not now sweetheart, mommy's on the phone.

2) Yes, No... can you get that for your sister please.

3) Daddy has some work to do you'll have to wait just a minute.

One caller finally admitted, "School's out and camp has not yet started."

In the new work at home world, it's tough to give kids a summer like you had as a child and actually get some work done! I admit, I'm not above putting in a video from time to time (my son and his friends are watching a Schlessinger Space Video, borrowed from the library right now as I type.) But in general, I try to be a bit more creative.

Most days that means trading with neighborhood parents, taking turns supervising outdoor activities and pool side watching. This week it's a bit too chilly, so we've come up with some other ideas. Nothing too elaborate, mostly just things we did as kids... and kids don't necessarily do as much anymore.

1) Make a couch fort- a few blankets and all the couch cushions on the floor. No need to elaborate on this one!

2) Make "potions" - it's amazing what kids will do with a big bowl and copious amounts of flour, sugar, salt, etc. this time I snuck in baking powder and white vinegar. Ha! They were too smart and KNEW to expect a bubbling explosion. (Yes I did have to sweep and mop the floor afterwards.)

3) Cleaning out the bookshelves. Yes, this sounds like work, but really, not too many books get thrown away, but lots of reading goes on.

What are your ideas?

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