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2010 Is Five-Alarm Tipping Point of Polar Ice Cap Melting Due to Global Warming

Posted Sep 01 2010 12:00pm

It seems that everyone but global warming skeptics is gravely concerned about polar ice cap melting. I certainly am. For more than a decade, scientists have been warning about the cataclysm of melting ice, particularly polar ice cap melting. Indeed, just a few months ago, I reviewed the fabulous book, A World Without Ice, by Dr. Henry N. Pollack. If you haven’t read it, I exhort you to visit your favorite library or book store immediately to read what this subject matter expert informs us about losing our primordial polar ice caps.

Why do I raise this particular point on this particular date? The simple, tragic truth is that predictions of polar ice cap melting already were long past legitimate skepticism about 5 years ago and now are so blatant that the only option which vocal skeptics have is to ignore the truth or, even worse, spew their basely and harmful propaganda. Polar ice cap melting has reached the tipping point in speed and irreversibility!

Every mammal had better grow gills and fast!

Surely, I am just another alarmist, right? The facts, from some of the most respected scientific bodies in the world, such as NASA and NOAA, cry out for themselves. June 2010 saw the fastest pace of polar ice cap melting ever recorded. The skeptics declared it an anomaly because the pace in July slowed. To the world’s collective horror, the final pace for July was even faster than in June, apparently because all of the thinner ice melted in June and the thicker ice needed time to build momentum of melting in July.

If the massive devastation of polar ice cap melting in June and July weren’t bad enough, in early August, the continent-sized ice sheet of Iceland lost a huge island to breakage.

The era of the ice-free Arctic is at hand, just as I warned right here last year and the year before.

The horror of it all is enough to keep everyone up at night. It certainly does so to me!

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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