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2010 Green Cities

Posted Jul 29 2009 12:00am

Many people, along with cities are making efforts for the future to be greener.  The Natural Defense Resources Council has a “Smarter Cities” project in which they choose cities based upon criteria including air quality, green space, and quality of life.  From this criteria, they have created a list of ten cities that they see putting forward social responsibility and to be leaders in the green effort.

Seattle is tackling climate change by distributing energy efficient kits to residents and have been working with local businesses to promise to lower their emissions.  San Francisco has organic gardens throughout the city as well as an active recycling and composting programs.  Portland is making their buildings “greener” and using space effectively.  Oakland is creating green training programs and has doubled the amount of farmers markets and locally grown foods.  San Jose has a Clean Teach strategy for many solar businesses as well as doubling the number of jobs in the “green” field.  They are also raising conservation efforts.  Austin is building homes in energy efficient ways and is planning to build a “smart grid” in which they can recycle energy.  Sacramento residents mainly take public transportation and have recently voted to build a high speed rail system connecting cities across the state of California.  Wind is now one of Boston’s top three fuel resources as an alternative to coal and other nonrenewable energy sources.   Boston also has a great transportation system as well as a bicycling system.  Denver practices water conservation and has succeeded in doing so by dramatically reducing their waste and the city also offers beautiful parks, mountains, and many green areas.  Finally, Chicago is a world leader in green architecture.  The city is home to the first green skyscraper and houses more LEED projects than any other city in the country.

Now you know what the future holds.  Take these examples as motivation to make your city greener!

Brittany, KIWI Staff and Chicago fan

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