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2009 Mexican Eco-Blogging Green Adventure - THE BIG GREEN PACK

Posted Mar 20 2009 3:59pm

Harry in Suitcase Tomorrow is the big day – the family and I will be flying out of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to have an eco-adventure in Mexico. Woot! It’s an afternoon flight and we are ready to roll.

Packing green is part of our eco-adventure. Eco-conscious vacationing you say? Is that really possible?

According to the green team’s “25 Days To Green Travel Index” at Go Green Travel Green ( ), it is easy to be eco-conscious when you travel. I agree. To prove this point, I have created my tried and true top three easy tips for traveling a bit greener -

#1 - While there are dozens of ways to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling, the single largest tip is to travel lighter. Less weight means less load the airplane, bus, or car you are taking to the vacation location will have to pull. Most airlines have a weight limit for luggage of 50 pounds. While we are allowed Soap Being Cut two bags each through our airline, we have decided to each carry one carry-on and check only one large bag, keeping it well under the 50 pound limit.

#2 - Often when traveling, my family and I will be in areas where water-cleanliness is questionable, however having been out all day on an adventure, we need to be able to clean up. Having a first-aid kit and fresh soap as part of the carry-on luggage has become a necessity. We take it First Aid Kit everywhere with us on vacation and customize it to our family’s specific concerns and requirements. Make your own kit instead of carrying a heavier one, and cut a hunk of your favorite soap instead of hauling around a full-sized one. Light weight and  convenient.

#3 - Leave the winter coat at home if you are traveling somewhere warm. Coats are extremely heavy and add a lot of bulk to your bags as well. Yes, I know you will be cold when you come back, but only for the time it takes you to be transported home from the airport. Bring a light weight sweater or jacket instead.

Do your part and make a difference when you travel – better for the environment and better for you.

See you tomorrow at the airport!

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