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2009 Mexican Eco-Blogging Green Adventure Flora and Fauna

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:59pm

Water feature garden Everywhere you look in the Yucatan Peninsula, from the native jungle to the gardens in the hotel district of Cancun, you see a diverse view of flora and fauna. It amazes me that in an area which has a very shallow and sandy soil area that so many plants thrive.

Palm trees, cactus, ground cover, vining plants, jungle trees – all beautiful – and all a part of this interesting community.

Even the sidewalks are filled with fauna – native wildlife which you see regularly in the city. Here you can view some of the new and interesting friends we met today on a local sidewalk. These iquanas were eating the little pink flowers on the plants along the walking path and sunning themselves.

Iguanas on the Sidewalk  

While there are still a lot of gardens and water features which are not protected from drought, many of the gardens here are being converted to the drought-tolerant variety which require very little water in the desert-like conditions of this near-the-equator community.

It is also a wonder to see the locals creative approaches to recycling items which might be broken. For instance, below is a broken water fountain which was preserved and has found a new life as a planter. This innovative creativity is “green” – utilizing a reduce, reuse, and recycle mindset helps save items from the landfill here in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico. It is a lesson we can learn from and should learn from. Adopting creative ideas to ease conservation concerns is a great way to start.

Creative Planting

Below is one last photo of some gorgeous gardens. The plants in this garden are all planted in sand – I dug down in the soil and found virtually no soil additives. Look at the gorgeous color – simply amazing that so much can survive in such conditions.

Today our eco-adventure includes cave-spelunking and visiting an underground river. I will do my best to post tonight so you can see all the action – woot!

Garden in Sand

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