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2009 Mexican Eco-Blogging Green Adventure Coba Ruins

Posted Apr 04 2009 11:50pm


Climbing Nohoch Muul, the tallest pyramid in the Yucatan peninsula was more exciting than I imagined, it was very steep and windy, and hundreds of feet above the jungle. Arriving at the top with the other tourists, breathing heavily, I imagined what it would be like to be a priest who climbed the tower every day: exhausting!

Here’s a video of the climb I made to the top of the pyramid. Note the heavy breathing and lovely wind which almost blew me off the top -

Our guide for this journey was Alex from Alltournative tours. He kindly showed us OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         many of the ancient ruins at Coba, then set us free to climb the pyramid for a view of the jungle. Instead of walking the 15 minute walk, we hired a Mayan taxi for a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         quick trip, which turned out to be a bicycle-driven two-wheeled carriage pedaled by a Mayan taxi-driver. He turned down our offers of water, and gave us a smile-filled ride to Nohoch Muul.

What makes this site rather special is that it was only recently unearthed in the 1980’s. According to our knowledgeable guide, Nohoch Muul has 120 steps and is just short of 140 ft high. When you get to the top, the view is absolutely spectacular and gives a wide picture of the jungle which extends for miles in every direction. When you stand at the top of Nohoch Muul you can really get a sense of how important nature is to this community.


Climbing down from Nohoch Muul was as dangerous as climbing up. Below is a photo of my foot as I am trying to find purchase. See how steep the stairs are at this point. This adventure is definitely built for the brave-at-heart.


Touching, climbing, and living the Mayan ruin trip was an important experience for my family. It taught us a bit about the Mayan heritage, particularly since my husband and daughter share in that heritage. It allowed us to learn OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         more about the human condition. It was a wonderful view of Mexican heritage as well as a view of the jungles of Mexico.


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