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2009 Mexican Eco-Blogging Green Adventure A Cenote Swim and a Thank You to Mexico!

Posted Apr 06 2009 7:51pm


Without a doubt, spending 14 days in the Yucatan Peninsula learning about the Mexican eco-environment as well as creative and new ways to stay green has OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         been a significant experience for both my family and me.

One of our favorite trips was a short excursion to a cenote called the Jardin de  Eden (the garden of eden). Our guide from the Riviera Maya tourism group, the very beautiful Itzel Olvera, went on many adventures with us, and this is one of the most memorable. Here you see she and my daughter getting ready to jump off a 20 foot cliff into the cenote.

We spent several hours jumping off cliffs and snorkeling about the cenote, which is a completely fresh water cenote filled with small fish, ducks, and other local wildlife. It was a very hot day, so the cenote was absolutely amazing and refreshing – a fantastic experience. Below you see a photo of my daughter mid- OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         flight, jumping off the cliffs at Jardin de Eden.

Being a part of nature and totally immersing oneself in a different natural eco-system than the one you are used to is quite an education.

To help you understand more about the feel of the cenote at Jardin de Eden, I made a short video for you. Please follow it below so you can see for yourself what a beautiful place the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico really is:

Our local guides for all the excursions were wonderful and we owe them a huge thank you for their kindness, generosity, and knowledge while we have been in OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Mexico on this fabulous eco-environmental trip.

Roger Sauri was our first Mayan guide. His family comes from the region of Mexico we visited and was immensely knowledgeable and helpful. Here is a photo of him at the Mayan ruins of El Rey in Cancun, Mexico.

Our fantastic and good looking guide from Rio Secreto, Moises, was tremendously informed on the scientific basics of caves and spelunking. His tour OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         of the secret river several miles deep into the Yucatan jungle was fascinating and informed. Rio Secreto was simply marvelous because of his help.

There were many other helpers and guides along the way in our journey, but one of the most memorable was Henry from Punta Venado who gave us many tours in one – we rode horseback, drove ATV’s, swam in a cenote, visited the jungle, and explored a cave. Here you see from left to right, Juan Carlos, Itzel’s driver; Henry from Punta Venado; and Luis, my husband, all swimming together in the cenote at the Punta Venado jungle site. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Xel-Ha was one of the most fantastic experiences ever. An eco-park set along the Riviera Maya coast, Xel-Ha was like swimming in an aquarium. Below is a great photo of the whole crew at dinner. From left to right it is Delio (Xel-Ha), Juan Carlos, Itzel (Riviera Maya), Daniela (Xel-Ha), Shawna and Luis. And yes, I did have a margarita!


There were so many people we met along the way – many guides, helpers, and wonderful people from Mexico who were warm and wonderful. Our visit to the Yucatan Peninsula was simply incredible – I have so much more to write about than I ever imagined. I LEARNED so much more than I ever imagined. It was amazing. Thank you Mexico for allowing us to have this experience – special thanks to the Mexican community, the Mexican Tourism Board, the Cancun Visitors Bureau, and the Riviera Maya Tourism Bureau for helping make the journey possible.


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