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2009 Mexican Eco-Blogging Adventure Horseback Riding in the Ocean With Punta Venado

Posted Mar 30 2009 3:52pm


Today was an incredible morning on the Mexican eco-adventure riding horses. Punta Venado is an eco-destination located directly on the Riviera Maya. Our guide, Henry Rosales, was wonderful in every way and truly made us all feel OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         comfortable and safe.

Initially we were sized up for the horses, given a brief lesson on riding, and within a short while we were riding with Henry as our guide. You can imagine my concern when I found out my horse was named Katrina, like the hurricane. She turned out to be an easy horse to ride. Our first view of the trail (seen to the right) was a long road leading into the jungle.

It was hot – at least 90 degrees – and I was worried about the horses and how they would hold up on a few hour ride into the jungle. Surprisingly, as soon as we were past the main road and into the jungle it became cooler.

Native and tropical plants of every sort surrounded us as we ambled slowly through the jungle. It was an amazing and close up view of the Yucatan Peninsula environment. As we walked, we heard sounds of animals and birds OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         around us. Wind sifted through the branches high over head and dappled our horse’s path.

When I was a kid I remember riding horses with my cousins back home in Indiana. Even then, I felt that horses have a unique ability to connect you with nature because both the horse and you are touching the world together in a special way. This trip with the Punta Venado guide through the Mexican jungle was no exception to that rule. My daughter was all smiles from the minute she climbed on the horse until she stepped off – I felt the same way.

As we made our way on the path there was jungle on either side of us and sometimes arching over the top of our heads. When the flora suddenly parted to reveal the ocean beyond, it was one of the most stunning and beautiful views of the ocean I have ever seen in my life. Truly gorgeous.


As soon as we stepped onto the sand with the horses all my concern about the heat was completely gone. Horses seem to love the water and most of them liked to walk with their hooves in the wet ocean. They reveled in the cool breezes too. It was wonderful in every way.

Below is a brief video I made while riding -

Experiencing both the jungle and ocean in one morning on horseback was beyond amazing and if you have the opportunity to touch nature while on horseback, I recommend you try it.

Unique and beautiful to say the least. A privilege to see the natural world of the Yucatan Peninsula up close in a way I never thought possible.

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