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2 way communication-feelings (emotions) vs body (physical)

Posted Apr 21 2011 1:59pm

Have you ever battled your feelings and emotions when it comes to eating?
I’m sure a large percentage of us have (myself included–see my confession at end of this).

Do you have conversations with your emotions and your body?
Your emotions scream they want chocolate cake…
your thighs say “NO!”
Your adrenals yearn for ice cream to soothe the stress
your booty tries to yell out “NO!”

You think your body wants something, yet does it really?
Or is it the emotional side craving satisfaction, love or something else that we lack?

Are you eating to feed your feelings?
or are you eating to feed/nourish your body?

Do you know the difference in emotional hunger and physical hunger?
Physical hunger usually occurs gradually–your body isn’t nourished to satisfaction one minute and then the next screaming out in pain for nourishment.
Emotional hunger though does come on suddenly–you could be functioning just fine and then have a thought of not being appreciate or loved-turning to a box of cookies to satisfy…that is emotional hunger.

Physical hunger doesn’t involve feelings of guilt when you’re done.
Emotional hunger (and acting on it) can leave you with feelings of guilt, disgust which worsens the original feeling you had that made you start eating–it’s a vicious circle.

If you’re eating from an emotional need, you’ll probably keep eating until that need has subsided or been satisfied which is usually after you’re well beyond full.
When it’s genuine hunger that moves you to replenish your body with food, you’ll be more likely to stop eating when you’re full and not over eat.

When you are truly physically hungry you will eat whatever is available and foods that may be best for your body and nourishing it.
If you’re eating because of emotions, you’re more apt to desire a specific food (cookies, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, etc.) and only that food that you crave will meet your needs.

Studies show that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions, so dealing with your feelings appropriately is extremely important.

“Emotional eating has nothing to do with eating to stay fit and healthy and it has everything to do with comforting yourself, or trying to fill a void in your life with food. There is nothing wrong with ‘comfort’ food such as meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but when people eat to excess to comfort themselves, they often end up overweight and feeling terrible about their weight gain, which can lead to more food and more guilt.”
~Laura Sechrest

Try a few of these when you’re trying to overcome emotional eating ~Recognize any triggers and try to avoid them (ie: if a certain person brings out feelings in you that lead to emotional eating, avoid that person)
~Try calling a friend, taking a walk or run, clean, do something to take your mind off your emotions.
~Find healthy comfort foods. Just because you’re eating based on emotions doesn’t mean that it has to be unhealthy foods. But again, even with this moderation is key. It’s best not to overeat be it healthy or unhealthy foods.

Emotional eating is something that happens when people are upset, sad, bored, hurt and yes even happy.
Whatever your food of choice is when reacting to your feelings, you need to be able to control it and remember that moderation is of the utmost importance.
Don’t let your emotions rule your eating habits because it’ll turn into a cycle that will be difficult to break.

Some thoughts that help me get back on track
“for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.”
1 Corinthians 6:20

“So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”
1 Corinthians 10:31

and of course after I get over my little emotional eating episode I then ask for forgiveness and the strength to get back on track!
“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13

You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.
~David Viscott

and, I will confess that I had a fight with emotional eating today in fact.
The last few days have been overwhelming to say the least.
I’m still doing my 30 day health challenge and doing my RevAbs workout (even though yesterday I so didn’t feel like it…see there’s that word feel like)
I’m working on getting certified as a Holy Yoga Instructor , am a Beachbody Coach and am working on fitness/nutrition certification too.
And, yes even in midst of all this I can still fall victim to emotional eating.
I will admit it.
I’m in the process of getting my new mobile spray tan business going, dealing with some major financial issues, trying to sell many of my unused websites, and dealing with some emotions that have resurfaced from years, years, years and years ago (yep that long ago!) that I thought I had laid to rest (apparently I thought wrong!)..add an injured ankle to the mix and a few other factors and well, I caved…too many emotions needed filled that weren’t getting filled…
and I can honestly say, they’re still not filled….
the cookies I ate, the rice cakes I ate (and yes, you can eat too many of those!) — nothing I ate helped the situation.
In fact it made it worse because now I’ve spent the last who knows how long writing this (hopefully this blog will help someone and it won’t be a total loss)
Now I have a stomach ache and am kicking myself in the butt for losing control and allowing this to happen.
But, I’m not staying in this mindset…
I’m going to hit “publish” in a minute and then go on about my day, putting earlier loss of control behind me and focusing on what I need to do and getting control of all the emotional nonsense that’s going on.

So, see it happens to many of us.
You’re not alone.
If you need to get something off your chest, need a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to…
comment below and I’m here for you!

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