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Grace P.

Hey there! Im Grace and I just happen to be fat. I am on my weight loss journey to lose more than 100 pounds and I am taking it one day at a time. I live in Beautiful British Columbia, I have two cats and I am a wedding planner!
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New goals.

Time to start reorganizing my priorities again. I'm determined to lose 25-30 pounds by Christmas. I has a gym membership and I am going to go...


Lately, havent been thinking too much about weightloss for a long time, starting to get motivated again though I...


More updates.  I moved. I live in St. Catharines now, in a house with two roommates (both straight guys), my car broke and I'm looking for...


Things have stayed the same since last I weighed in, so no real progress to report.

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Aug 26 2011 by dflores1123
Congratulations for getting the weight off and keepingit off!
Jul 14 2011 by Grace P.

New post up on my blog!



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