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Hello everyone my name is Nicole aka goodnplenty! I never thought that I would be on a site like this but here I am, I finally came to realize after being in denial for about three months that im am getting fat! reality check #1. So I bought a WII system it came with WII Fit Plus,I heard that it was a great way to get started working out so, I followed all the instructions and completed the body test and after all that, the Damb thing told me I was obesse and I was 45years old!... Full Bio
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Oct 21 2010 by goodnplenty1015

Ok my birthday is over. lol its been over but im not ready to start back my diet but I have to stay focused.

Oct 07 2010 by goodnplenty1015

So my birthday is next friday  and I would be pleased if I lost at least five pounds by then.

Oct 07 2010 by goodnplenty1015
Team goodnplenty is slowly growing! I want to thank Brittney and Ma Li for getting up and helping me by giving me weights to walk with, that really helped my arms! Thanx again.
Oct 06 2010 by goodnplenty1015
I would like to thank Brittney for getting up this morning to walk with me you just dont know how good that mad me feel, It is really important for you to have a support team and im glad I got my first team member.  I Love YOU Brittney..... MA LI! I hope to see YOU out there again some.
Oct 05 2010 by goodnplenty1015
My eating habits really have to change! After workingout I came home and drank some green machine  superfood by Naked then ate some fried broccli now that defeats the porpose. I really need help kicking this fried food adicction!
Oct 05 2010 by goodnplenty1015
Thanx for the welcome!
Oct 05 2010 by tremedicure
Hello, welcome on board, Cheers!
Oct 05 2010 by tremedicure
Welcome on board, Cheers!