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Top 5 Do Not's For Golf

Posted by C.L. R.

Don't... 1. Hit the ball if anyone's in range. Ouch. 2. Yack away when someone's preparing a hit. 3. Replace divots on the tee. A no-no. 4. Walk over a putting line when on the green. 5. Swear, shout or throw your clubs in rage.
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Don't take "mulligans" or replay shots, unless required to do so under the formal rules.Don't dawdle on the course with an excessively long pre-shot routine, and/or multiple practice swings, or have a confab at other players' golf balls; go to your own ball, and be ready to hit.Don't cheat — how you act on the course and deal with adversity is reflective of your true being, and how you are in real life, off the course. Don't use a cell phone on the golf course, it's boorish and ruins the tempo and rhythm of everybody else's game too. Don't give advice to other players.
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