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The collective, the other a warm home

Posted Apr 29 2012 2:08am
 At noon today, suddenly rain was blowing, rumble of thunder, to the sky of the haze over a faint sad, and a new training afternoon we were postponed also. Maybe it's because this annoying weather, our class of the ChuJingShengQing townhouses and shed tears, so of the weather that particularly want to home and townhouses. Our teacher in charge teacher liu see. Cheap Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts vice such a scene, then offer learns to sing song "army green flowered" camp. The students have to quiet down, with the voice of the low liu together sing: "breeze leaves, the army is a flowing green flowered, my dear fellow soldiers you don't want to home, don't want to mom." This remote rhythm echoed in the classroom, I seem to . Polo Ralph Lauren UK remember again I ever of campus life. At that time I was miles away from home, to go to school in the city, can go home once a year, in military training, it is also the song gave me courage and persistence of faith, when we sing the song together, alone and missing gradually away from us, and with it warmth of collective and moved. I. Ralph Lauren UK really hope this song can also give us the class bring courage and strength and townhouses, also can let this from the collective love makes them feel the warmth of home, like the lyrics that: "stay to victory celebration didn't go home again, when to see good mother", we should all efforts to live each day, do their own things, in the new and .unfamiliar environment to adapt to new collective, with the best grades to repay their parents and teachers. Again and again, we in this song atmosphere all forgot sad, townhouses face than a few silk smile and strong. Away from home to school is very hard work, but although can't go home, but the collective the family, although can't see dear mom and dad, but many brothers and sisters of the classmates, collective is another warm home. The wind is small, and the rain also have no trace. We in the rain of the sun, go to the playground started afternoon training, happy quietly in the heart of every man ripples. 
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