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Similar RuneScape to attract players to participate

Posted Apr 13 2013 3:10am

The design team is also committed to the immersive environment for players.Decade ago runescape do a decision to prevent this kill X to get RS gold reward strange task, our goal is a plot-rich experience and take several hours to complete the task.


We ask each task must be caused by the characteristics of our design team interested. Our latest mission, to subvert the traditional mode and tasks the player character as publisher, not the task of the participants.Video games should be made ??into a movie or TV program, rather than a book or a literary work like, because the game is more emphasis on action rather than description.


Similar RuneScape to attract players to participate in the TV series and comic mode and released a large number of new story every month this model is very successful, multi-tasking plot can be added to the suspense and tips, and we can cross occasionally mentioned other RuneScape story and story chain to form a network of large attractive story.

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